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Survivor.io Revenge


About Survivor.io Revenge

In this game, the city is in danger because it is threatened by the attacks of dangerous zombies. Are you ready to put on your hero's cape and save the city?

Your mission in Survivor.io Revenge

Join the battle in Survivor.io Revenge, you will transform into a hero character, and use all your abilities to fight the zombie army that is gradually entering the city. They are an overwhelming army, so any carelessness or carelessness can lead you to face difficulties and dangers. Stay calm and find a way to survive. To escape the siege of these zombies, you need to shoot to kill them. When surrounded by too many zombies, it's better to find a way to not be attacked by them. You can wait to have more time to learn more skills and come back to attack them stronger. If you are a fan of similar shooting games, come to Tom Clancy's Shootout to pick up your gun and become a real soldier.

How to control

Use the mouse to control.

Make upgrades

In the battle of Survivor.io Revenge, when moving around the map, you will collect a lot of coins, as well as diamonds. As the coins fill up the bar at the top of the level, you'll be able to learn new skills to kill your enemies. You can learn skills like a bullet, guardian, dron, RPG, militov, or laser, all of which will make you stronger and kill more zombies. However, during the battle, you can also get injured, keep an eye on the HP bar below your character, and don't let it run out, or the game will end. When you see the character losing too much health, you can also collect meat to replenish energy and continue fighting.