About Survivor In Rainbow Monster


Survivor In Rainbow Monster is a mobile game where you take on the role of a child who has been abducted during a school trip to Spooky Park. Stranded and alone with the Rainbow Monster, your task is to survive five nights in this eerie and deserted location. Play as an unnamed character and face the Rainbow Monster as you strive to survive five dangerous nights in an empty and eerie location. Each night presents unique challenges and missions that must be overcome to protect yourself from harm. Fight to be the last one standing and come out alive.

The game offers a unique gameplay mode in which you must face off against the scariest monster of all, the blue rainbow monster. To avoid detection by this formidable foe, players must be as quiet as possible. Additionally, regular feeding is necessary to keep the orange monsters from venturing out into the open. And be sure to keep an eye on the vents to avoid running afoul of the purple rainbow monster.

How to play

Be sure to keep your ears open while playing Survivor In Rainbow Monster. The game relies heavily on sound cues, so listen carefully to avoid getting caught by the Rainbow Monster. Wearing headphones can enhance the experience and increase your chances of survival.

Learn more about the monster

  • Blue Monster is the most terrifying creature in the Rainbow Game. Listen for stomping and giggling sounds to avoid being caught by him. He can chase you relentlessly and won't be fooled by hiding in a locker or a box.
  • Green monsters are blind, but they can hear every sound you make. Try to make as little noise as possible to avoid getting caught by them.
  • Orange Monsters need to be fed constantly, or else they will wander around the map. Watch out for the orange line showing their patrol route and hide quickly if you spot them.
  • Purple Monster can be avoided by checking the vent. If you don't see its eyes or hands sticking out, it's safe to walk past it.