About Surviv.io

Surviv.io is an online 2D battle royale game developed by Justin Kim and Nick Clark. Your mission is to use a variety of weapons and destroy other players.

You spawn at a random location on a big map when you begin a Surviv.io game. There are other players nearby, some are hiding and waiting for an opportunity to attack, while others are actively fighting each other. Your first task is to find a means of defense, search for any weapon that might be useful, be it a pistol, an SMG, or anything else. After a firefight, you may find weapons left behind by dead players, don't be hesitant to take what's left, you'll need it. With a variety of weapons at your disposal, you can battle and eliminate the other players. The loot weapons that you stumble upon while exploring this game can also be used to aim and shoot other players. Your health during the battles can be improved by a bandage booster. When you move between the Farm, Water, Snow, and Ice regions of the game, you can carry two weapons with you. You must continue to fight until you triumph.

How to play

  • With the aid of a map, the game's instructions and directions are very clear. The map makes it simple for players to locate the weapons. The Red Cross logo clearly identifies the weapons. You must advance in the direction of the weapons and seize them quickly before anyone else does. If you don't know how to use the control keys, winning the battle is practically impossible.
  • The crucial keys are A, S, D, and W, which allow you to move in any direction. Find all of the guns and Surviv.io weapons, then press the F key to collect them. The mouse is also used by players to aim and shoot their foes. One aspect that is crucial is that you can only carry two weapons at once. To win the game, you must select the appropriate weapons for the appropriate environments. Always keep your two best weapons with you to dispatch your foes quickly.