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About SuperBrawl


SuperBrawl is an extremely daring and challenging action shooting game. You need to have good playing skills to be able to finish well in matches. Your mission is to emerge victorious by utilizing an array of weapons, power-ups, and protective shields to defeat your opponents. Enjoy this exhilarating game as you engage in high-impact combat against other players. If you love this great shooting game but want to find another new game then you can play Tom Clancy's Shootout to experience a new exciting sensation.


  • Press X or the Up arrow key to jump.
  • Press C, Space, or Enter to shoot.
  • Press A or the Left arrow key to move left.
  • Press D or the Right arrow key to move right.
  • Press the Tab to view the scores.
  • Press Escape or P to pause the game.
  • Press Y to open the chat window.

Instructions for playing SuperBrawl

At the start of the game, you will have a maximum of three lives. During the battle, if you use up all three lives, you will die. Jump around and need fluent agility between keys to overwhelm your opponents and destroy them before you are destroyed again. In a match will have three players, and kill the remaining two players to win. This is a game that requires shooting skills and high agility. Moving quickly is an advantage to dodging enemy attacks. Moreover, you also need to attack boldly and aggressively so that the opponent cannot control it.