Stumble Guys is an entertaining, fun action game similar in gameplay to Fall guys. Players will have to overcome all the challenges and be the only survivor to win.

Stumble Guys is very similar to the original version, but with a lot of fascinating modifications. Stumble Guys provides you with entertaining and engaging knockout battles with a variety of obstacles and stages.In this game up to 32 people in one game. You can play with your pals in multiplayer mode, fighting your way through the levels as the pandemonium worsens. You only need to keep the character alive until the finish to win.

The game will begin with 32 players, but only 16 will advance to the following round. To be one of those 16, you must race as soon as the timer reaches one. Later rounds of the game will be more tough, with tasks chosen at random. There will, however, be exclusionary challenges. If you want to be a winner, you must first survive those games. Following the conclusion of the first round, the final round will feature 8 players. They will have to compete against each other to choose the sole winner.

How to controls

  • Use WASD or arrows to move.
  • Space to jump.