Come see the fierce stickman battle in the last round. Profit and use resources wisely to choose the most formidable force to engage in this difficult conflict.

  • First, the chances of success are increased by large numbers. Second, observe your opponents' and your soldiers' strength indices.
  • You will get more gold with each victory. from giants, robots, archers, and swordsmen. Create a logical plan of attack to defeat the adversary. They have magicians in addition to a group of robots and archers. What would happen if the adversary had limitless troops? Right now, concentrate on strengthening your army.
  • If you lose a battle, don't let it get to you; instead, consider the strength indices of the other teams. With proper planning, you may prevail.

This fighting game seems intriguing. Here, let's check whether your military prowess and reasoning hold up. Play Stickman Simulator Final Battle and have fun.

Use your mouse or touch screen to control the game.