Description of Stickman Climb 2

Your objective

Use your trusty pickaxe to maintain balance as you navigate treacherous levels in Stickman Climb 2. Customize Stickman with many exciting in-game features. Your objective is to maintain balance by utilizing a pickaxe while traversing through challenging levels and ultimately reaching the flag at the end. Beware of treacherous traps and spikes that lie along your path, demanding caution and alertness. To enhance your gaming experience, the game offers checkpoints for you to mark your progress. Additionally, you have the opportunity to personalize your stickman avatar by unlocking various color options, vessels, and weapons, adding a touch of customization to your gameplay.


Player 1

  • Movement Controls - Use the A and D keys to move.
  • Respawn - Press the R key to respawn.

Player 2

  • Movement Controls - Utilize the left and right arrow keys for movement.
  • Respawn - Press the Enter key to respawn.

Attractive gameplay of Stickman Climb 2

Use flexible tools to explore ahead

In this game, our Stickman protagonist finds themselves in a familiar predicament, trapped by objects obstructing their path. However, they possess powerful hands and a collection of useful hammers. When playing this game you will find it quite similar to Getting Over It. Utilize these tools to forge ahead. Along the way, you'll encounter perilous obstacles that must be overcome using your bouncing prowess. With the combined strength of your hands and strategic use of the hammers, you can navigate past all challenges and make progress in the game.

Customize Stickman character

You can freely customize your Stickman character to your taste with a wide selection of 8 vibrant colors to choose from. Modify different parts of Stickman, including bones and facial features, to truly make it your own. Take further customization by swapping out specialized tools like hammers to match your style. In addition, you have the ability to transform Stickman's leg rests into shapes of your liking, such as cotton clouds or other creative designs.