About Stick Defenders

Stick Defenders game introduces a world where players are challenged to defend their area from enemies. Build a powerful army to destroy the enemy. This game can be played on both mobile and desktop platforms, without any blocking, and from anywhere. However, an internet connection is necessary to ensure the safety of the player's region. The region is protected by a barricade, which can be destroyed by enemy attacks. To prevent this, players must command their soldiers to shoot the enemy before they reach the barricade. Enemies attack in waves, making it a challenging game.

Engaging gameplay of Stick Defenders

Each stickman has a specific level. To increase the level of the stickmen, players must merge two stickmen who have the same level. As a result of this merge, a new stickman with a higher level is created. Gradually, players can build their armies with high-level stickmen. It is worth noting that higher-level warriors can defeat enemies more quickly than others, making them valuable assets in battles.

You should position your powerful soldiers behind the barricade. They will be able to shoot any enemies attempting to breach the barrier and enter your territory. It is crucial to make sure that every position is manned by a warrior, as leaving any position undefended could leave your region vulnerable to attack. Once you have cleared all the enemies in a wave, you will be able to advance to the next level. This will enable you to improve your army and become even more effective in defeating your opponents. Paying attention to these key elements can help you achieve success in the game.

In order to strengthen your army and better defend your region, use your coins to purchase upgrades for your warriors and recruit damage. Additionally, you need to repair the barricade after it sustains significant damage from enemy attacks. You can access a variety of powerful weapons including rockets, bombs, and poison to aid you in battle. However, these weapons require a certain amount of time to recover before they can be used again.