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Stack Smash


Description of Stack Ball


Stack Ball is a game that controls a ball bouncing and smashing through platforms. Break all the plates by bouncing over them while avoiding the black parts. With easy one-touch controls and high rewards, you'll have a blast smashing your way through platforms and racking up points. But be careful not to hit any black platforms, or it's game over. Break all the plates by crashing and bouncing through them. With a variety of plate types to encounter, each level presents a thrilling new challenge.

Your objective

Your objective is to break all the plates by crashing and bouncing the ball. But beware, if the ball falls into the black area, you lose the game. To break the plates, simply press and hold the ball. Moreover, you can trigger a buff with crazy acceleration.

Features of Stack Ball

  • Easy one-touch controls make it easy to learn.
  • Earn big rewards for smashing shapes with precision and speed.
  • Enjoy the satisfaction of destruction as you break apart shapes in a variety of ways.
  • Compete with others to create the highest score and become the top player.