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About Stabfish.io

Stabfish.io is a free io game where you play as a dangerous marine beast, collecting fish as trophies, eating food for boosts, and controlling the sea.

In the game, you will join a multiplayer arena of fish with deadly tusks and hunt your share of prey while avoiding the sharp end of another player's stabber. Consume food to obtain bonuses and a higher score. Attack from the side and back to eliminate other fish. Each kill lengthens your tusk. When your tusk grows long enough, you may launch more daring strikes. As you stab more fish, your score will rise. Each fish body will adorn your skewer as a reminder of your lethal and violent personality.


Stabfish has a number of fish improvements. By completing milestone milestones, you may unlock new marine animals such as killer whales and hammerhead sharks. These unlocked skins give in-game benefits such as increased kill bonuses.


Each player begins with a basic tusk. When you achieve level 4, you can improve your tusk to a trident. The same reasoning holds true for upgrading to a cool blade and chainsaw.

Features of the game

  • Play aggressive stab or get stabbed
  • Random bonuses that give you an advantage
  • Kill foes and consume food to enhance your score and meter
  • Unlock achievements to improve your arsenal of fish and weapons

How to play


  • Control the movement using your mouse
  • To increase speed, press the left mouse button


  • Swipe to change the direction
  • To boost, place two fingers on the screen