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Space Shooter


Conquer the universe at your fingertips


Space Shooter is an arcade shooting game based on the popular movie Despicable Me. This is a game with modern and attractive fighting gameplay. You are an astronaut, your goal is to shoot aliens flying back and forth around you. Show your shooting skills with infinity space. Destroy them in the fastest and most brutal way to score a lot of points. Are you prepared to face a multitude of nefarious enemies and confront powerful boss adversaries in the midst of galactic wars? The survival of the alien shooter is a test of your skills and resilience.

You need to protect your spaceship

This game is not just a simple sky shooting experience, it acts as a stress reliever in your moments of entertainment. Show your strategic and dexterous control over your combat spaceship as you destroy all the space attackers in a fierce space gun attack that ultimately restores restore peace to the Earth.

You take control of your ship and become the future guardian of the galaxy. In this thrilling arcade shooting game, you wield the power to defend against space attacks and keep the universe safe. Embark on an epic journey through the stars. The fate of the galaxy is in your capable hands.

Gameplay Tips

  • Skillfully slide your spaceship to avoid the onslaught of enemy bullets.
  • Utilize the coins and gems you collect to upgrade and evolve your spaceship, enhancing its capabilities to combat formidable enemies and alien invaders.
  • Employ suitable spaceships and strategic approaches to tackle each level and defeat challenging bosses.
  • Don't forget to make use of power-up items and booster items to make your leveling-up process smoother and more effective.