Rescue your planet from hordes of evil insects

Space Pest is a shooting game to destroy the insects that are threatening epidemics on our planet. You will become an astronaut to save this planet. Armed with an energy gun, you will confront the alien monsters that emerge from various locations. Your task is to systematically eliminate them one by one until every last insect is eradicated. Only when the onslaught of creatures has been successfully thwarted, you can claim victory and advance to the next level of the game.

Complete challenges and unlock more new features

As you progress to higher levels, expect intensified challenges with enemies strategically positioned to test your skills. While your gun has unlimited ammunition, it requires periodic recharging to ensure continued firepower. Exercise caution to avoid bullets rebounding towards you, as self-inflicted damage can be detrimental to your success. Utilize the laser feature to deliver precise and efficient shots, ensuring accurate hits on your enemies. Join the battle against the intergalactic menace in Space Pest and showcase your skills as a fearless astronaut. Can you save the world from the impending insect threat?