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Smarty Bubbles


About Smarty Bubbles

Smarty Bubbles is a game that attracts many people's attention thanks to its simple, fun, and effective gameplay. How many points will you achieve in this exciting game?

Shoot bubbles in Smarty Bubbles

How to play this game is quite simple, you just need to hit at least 3 bubbles of the same color to make them explode. Shoot the bubbles accurately, as quickly as possible, if you are slow, these bubbles will fall to crush you. The more bubbles you shoot down, the higher your score will be. Smarty Bubbles has gameplay quite similar to the Garden Tales game. However, in Garden Tales, instead of shooting bubbles, you will change the position of flowers, or fruits so that the same types will line up in a row of three or more, then they will also disappear. You will also get a high score when you combine many of the same fruits and flowers.

How to control

Use the mouse to control.

Some highlights of this game

This is a game with no end, it will only end until you can't continue to bombard the bubbles when they collapse and fall on you. Take the time, so you have a chance to get as many points as possible. Smarty Bubbles will show you your highest score when participating in the game, and there it also shows you statistics on the time, the total number of bubbles you broke, and also the number of bubbles with each color you fired again. Also, to make sure you won't miss the target, rely on the game's arrows. Before shooting, you will direct the arrow to the position you want to shoot, and aim accurately so that each time you shoot you will receive points or open an easier path for the next shot.