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Short Life


You will have to overcome deadly traps in Short Life. The game has loads of dangers and it stops your exploration. How will you overcome it?

Basic information about Short Life

This is a fun horror game and also the first part of a series of horror games like Lucky Life, Bow Mania, Short Ride, Lucky Life, and Parkour Jump. This game is developed by GameTornado and based in the Czech Republic. This game has a unique new style with many thrilling bloody details that give players a lot of drama and attraction. Using a fun physics platform, the game has taken a new turn, which is extremely successful and brings a difference from the usual games. You need to guide the ragdoll through 16 levels full of dangerous traps. Try to keep your ragdoll safe until you reach the finish line to always get three stars at the end of the level.

How to survive in Short Life

Surviving for a long time and overcoming the traps in this game is really not easy. Blades, explosive mines, cog gears... They're hungry for your life. You will be crushed by the blade if you do not complete your task well. You will unlock more mysterious characters in the shop. Collect stars for more exciting unlocking opportunities. At each level, you can score up to three stars. Try to collect all three of these stars to unlock more attractive heroes available in the store.

How to control

  • Use WASD to play

Tips for overcoming deadly traps

  • Be more careful in running through the traps ahead such as blades, sharp nails, saw blades, or mines... They all have a certain rule of operation, please pay attention and time to fast. quickly overcome these dangerous pitfalls.
  • The yellow stars are quite small and you will probably forget when you are too worried about how to overcome the pitfalls. Try to collect the stars as fully as possible to always get the maximum score for that level.
  • There will be arrows pointing you in that direction but that could also be a warning sign of tricking your direction. It will probably be a mine and when you get close, the doll's body will explode. And you will be restarted from the beginning.
  • Each level will have different obstacles. Try to get as close to the kidney as you can if you don't want to blow up the body. The pitfalls are becoming more and more difficult. You will not be able to predict what will happen in the pitfalls that are set. You need to use intelligence to anticipate and quick reflexes to overcome them.