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Shopping Mall Tycoon


About Shopping Mall Tycoon

Shopping Mall Tycoon is a business simulation game where players run their own virtual shopping mall. The goal is to increase profits and expand the mall.

Players must make strategic decisions such as selecting stores to open, setting rental prices, and managing finances. The game may also include elements such as marketing campaigns, special events, and customer satisfaction. Also, you can play Traffic Jam 3D to unleash your driving.

How to play

  • Build and manage your mall: Place stores, attractions, and amenities to attract customers and increase profits.
  • Set rental prices: Choose prices for each store in your mall, taking into consideration their popularity and your budget.
  • Manage finances: Keep track of your expenses and income, including rent, utilities, and employee salaries.
  • Attract customers: Advertise your mall, hold special events, and offer promotions to draw in shoppers.
  • Monitor performance: Keep an eye on the mall's performance, including foot traffic, customer satisfaction, and profits.
  • Expand your mall: Add new stores, attractions, and amenities as you earn more money and grow your mall's reputation.