About Rope Wrapper

Rope Wrapper is an interesting game in which you draw a rope and when two ends of the rope are connected and shrink, it makes all the balls inside get in touch.

Unlike Slope 3, the Rope wrapper is a game based on the rope, you do not need to run or drive a ball. You only need to draw a rope and two ends of the rope will be connected and shrink. Making all the balls come together and get the balls to get in touch with each other.

Features of Rope Wrapper

  • Draw a rope
  • Get all the balls within touch
  • Various levels to conquer


  • There are some things you need to keep in mind while making the balls touch each other. The rope will not shrink if you draw it over the obstacle. The balls will quickly explode if touching the edge of the obstacles. You will fail if the rope immediately cannot be shrunk or the ball explodes. So be careful when you draw rope.
  • Published on Sep 30, 2022, this game is supported on smart devices such as mobile, tablets,s and desktops.

The level of the game

There are many levels of gameplay. When you complete a level, a new one will open. The game will go from easy to difficult. You may find it quite easy at first, but as you get high level, the game becomes more and more difficult. It requires more thinking, creativity and patience.

By solving complicated maps, this game will help you develop your brain and increase your logical thinking and your imagination. This is not only connecting the two ends of the rope, but you also have to think about how to avoid obstacles. The ropes and the balls will move freely and you also need to predict their moves in advance so as not to lose.

How to control: Use your finger or the mouse on the screen to draw a rope.