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Roller Ski Queen


About Roller Ski Queen

For a long time, skiing has become a particularly popular art in cold countries. However, now you can also participate in this sport anywhere, just by accessing the game Roller Ski Queen.

The missions of players in Roller Ski Queen

Participate in the competition in Roller Ski Queen, players will compete with many others. The player's task is to try to complete the snow and ice race as soon as possible to become the winner. On this track, there are countless difficulties, maybe too strong opponents, or obstacles that constantly appear in your way, so be careful. If you hit the obstacles you will lose. Therefore, try to avoid the obstacles and rise to the top of the race until you are the first to finish. Roller Ski Queen has a journey bar that shows the distance you have skied in this race, when this journey bar runs out, you have reached the finish line. If you are a racing fan, G-Switch 3 is for you. You will control your car to participate in extreme races, upgrade cars, and complete missions.

How to control

Use the mouse to control.

The features

The Roller Ski Queen ski race consists of many levels with increasing difficulty. How many levels will you conquer in this race? Your beautiful girl character is also a beautiful athlete. But if you want to change to another athlete, this is entirely possible. Use the coins you collect through the contest to unlock these characters. In addition, on the snow and ice track, in addition to having to face dangerous obstacles, you will have the opportunity to collect coins, especially shields. This shield will form a circle around you, helping you avoid danger even when colliding with dangerous obstacles.