About Roller Ball 6: Bounce Ball 6

This is a fun adventure game with lovely cartoon images. Roller Ball 6: Bounce Ball 6 also allows you to participate in character control with simple classic gameplay.

Your journey in Roller Ball 6: Bounce Ball 6

In this game, the player will control the ball to collect as many coins as possible. Besides, you need to stop the aliens who are plotting to turn all the inhabitants of this planet into square creatures. Although on the way there will be many difficulties, do not be discouraged or give up because, in addition to them, there are many other attractive gifts waiting for you to discover. There are many other interesting games waiting for you to discover, such as Subway Surfers. The boy's journey in this game is also extremely attractive. Will you help him overcome all obstacles and run as far as possible to hide from the policeman?

How to control

Use the arrow keys to control.

The features

This is a popular game, thanks in part to the attractiveness of the lovely images in the game. You can even unlock other character skins in the skin shop. Surely you will be surprised and delighted with the range of these skins. However, to own them, you need to spend a number of coins to buy them. But don't worry, there are many ways you can earn coins in Roller Ball 6: Bounce Ball 6. You can get daily rewards, or collect them while playing the game. In particular, remember that if you encounter aliens, jump high and jump to the top to destroy them, you will get a lot of coins from doing this. In addition, you can also get coins or get interesting skins directly when spinning the game's lucky wheel. Don't miss out on these amazing giveaways!