In Raft Wars, you need to help Simon protect his treasure from evil pirates. Use tools like tennis and others to take down your opponents in the game.

Story of Simon's Treasure

One fine day, Simon accidentally saw diamonds hidden in the sand while playing. This story has gradually spread out and reached the ears of pirates in many parts of the world. What will Simon have to do with attacks from pirates? Help this little guy protect this precious treasure from greedy pirates. Simon is lucky to have a dog who is loyal to his owner and a kind brother who is always ready to protect the treasure with his brother.

Defeat the pirates

To defeat aspiring pirates, use the mouse to choose the angle of fire and aim the enemy accurately. Move the mouse up and down to select the intensity of the shot. Upgrade your weapons to deal more damage to your enemies and increase your chances of victory. Because every time you complete a level, the next level will have more difficult enemies like Vikings. The higher you need to buy upgrades for your weapon, the greater the chance of defeating your opponent. Use the tennis ball and all the items you have purchased and will buy in the future to destroy the pirates. If you are attacked by the pirates and thrown off the raft, the game is over. Good luck!