About Raft Dog

Raft Dog is a game that offers endless adventures with a brave dog protagonist. Take control of a raft as you navigate the treacherous obstacles ahead. Your loyal companion finds themselves perched on a raft, floating amidst a swiftly flowing river. Ahead lie numerous perils that may catch your dog by surprise.

Your role is to assist the dog in venturing as far as possible. Steer the raft skillfully to maintain a smooth flow. Beware of the obstacles strewn across the river, such as protruding rocks that emerge unexpectedly. Swiftly change the raft's course to avoid collisions. Additionally, be on guard for menacing crocodiles lurking in the river, as they pose a threat to your dog's safety.

Take control of your raft

Controlling the speed of the raft may prove challenging, but with focus and precision, you can navigate it skillfully. Be vigilant in directing the raft to avoid any potential collisions with obstacles along the way. You have multiple options for maneuvering the raft. Utilize the arrow keys or the left mouse button to control its movements. Choose the method that suits you best, ensuring optimal navigation of your raft. Collecting coins and bones to accumulate more points. Each coin gathered adds one point to your score, while the discovery of a bone boosts your tally by three points.