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Police Endless Car


About the game

Welcome to the dramatic chase between the player and the police. In this game, you will be the one being chased by the police, are you ready for this exciting race?

The journey to escape from the police car in Police Endless Car

In Police Endless Car, you will be the one being chased by the police. You will control your car to run fast in the city, trying to escape from the police car chasing behind. However, things will be more difficult when on the way there are many obstacles in your way. Be careful not to crash into anything like wooden crates, barriers, or other traffic parked on the road. However, do not ignore attractive items along the way such as coins, or power-ups that will help you a lot in this escape. If you have ever experienced the track in Subway Surfers, you will find that these two games have similarities. Both are the main character's journeys to escape from the police; however, in Subway Surfers, you will control your character running, and surfing. Or fly overhead to escape the policeman and his dog.

How to control

Click the WASD or arrow keys to control.

Unlock the features of Police Endless Car

Coming to Police Endless Car, you will be assigned tasks in the missions section. After completing the tasks, you will receive attractive gifts. In addition, this addictive game also offers you a game store where you can buy cars, or upgrade power-ups. There are many types of vehicles in this game, they are simulated sports cars and the most popular cars in the world. Therefore, they all have very nice appearances, which can attract the attention of many gamers. Moreover, the more expensive the cars, the more powerful the engine will be. You can see information about the owner's life, jump, and speed in the shop. Besides, you can also use your coins to unlock power-ups like Double Coin, Coin Magnet, Invincibility, and Speed Boost and use them in the game. These will certainly be powers that can greatly help your journey, making it easier for you to achieve a higher score in Police Endless Car.