Description of Pet Trainer Duel

Pet Trainer Duel is an extremely interesting game. Help your clients train obese cats to help them quickly lose weight to a reasonable level. You are participating in an extremely interesting pet training game. Pet owners have heard you're a good pet trainer. Therefore, they want to ask you to help their cats lose weight. Can you help them?

Keep track of your pet's progress

Throughout the training process, the cat will encounter numerous temptations and pitfalls that can contribute to weight gain and obesity, such as its beloved fish dish. Your role is to carefully manage its food intake and ensure it consumes fish or drinks water in moderation. This way, the cat can maintain its strength and energy throughout the journey, whether it needs to lose weight or simply maintain a healthy state.

To monitor the cat's progress, players can observe the bar displayed at the top of the pet's head. The bar serves as an indicator of its current condition. When the bar displays the word "normal" in a reassuring shade of green, it signifies that you are effectively completing your task with excellence.