Penny the penguin strays to a snowy mountain, she needs to find a job to earn money back home. Then she became a waitress for a restaurant. In Penguin Diner, you will help Penny complete his mission in the best way possible.

Serve food to your diners in Penguin Diner

Coming to Penguin Diner's restaurant, you will help the penguin waitress Penny. Every day, when starting a restaurant business, there will be quite a few diners coming to the restaurant to eat and drink, help arrange seats for them, so that they have time to look at the menu and order, then you will receive the order. their order. When the kitchen is ready to prepare food and drinks, go to the counter and bring them up to customers. Your task is to bring the right dish that the customer ordered, and avoid bringing the wrong one even though the restaurant will be quite crowded. After eating, they will leave coins and you come to collect those coins. Every day, you will earn interest coins, to use to upgrade. After the other levels, you will probably move to work as a waiter for a cafe. Hope you and the Penny staff will have great experiences with crowded restaurants and don't forget to visit some other impressive games like Bitliffe, Donkey Kong, and Highway Road Racing.

How to control

Use the mouse to control.