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Paper Flight


About Paper Flight

Paper Flight is inspired by paper airplanes that fly from room to room in the house. Such images stimulated and inspired the game maker to design a game that could make the participants feel like a pilot. This will be a fun entertaining game for players of any age.

Fly your very own plane in Paper Flight

In Paper Flight, you will own your own paper plane and your task is to help it fly into the air and at the same time achieve as many points as possible. In this game, you will not directly fly the plane flying in the sky like many other flying games. However, you will still enjoy when in the sky are stars waiting for you to come and collect as many as possible. The farther you fly the more stars you collect, and the higher the score you will receive. If you love light games but still bring such great entertainment moments, become a member of Dream Life. Join this fascinating game, and help the lovely mother and daughter on missions to collect the necessary items to complete the challenge.

How to control

Use the mouse to control.

Some tips for you when controlling paper airplanes in game

When you start your plane, try to maintain it at a safe altitude so the plane can fly further. Remember, the higher you fly, the more difficult it will be for you because flying high can damage the plane's engine and you may lose control, not be able to control your plane and it will fall to the ground. In addition, by flying high, the number of points you get will also be less. Especially, after taking off, you can use turbo to accelerate and control your plane to collect stars to earn more points. Besides, you can also change the color of your plane. Use the money you earn after each flight to upgrade the power of your plane like biofuel helps to consume less fuel, weightless helps to fall slower, gust helps windmills appear more often and also give a greater boost, or strong hand help increase throwing power, etc.