Explore Papa's Sushiria

What is Papa's Sushiria?

Papa's Sushiria is one of the most loved cooking and restaurant management in the cooking game world. You have the responsibility of managing the sushi restaurant when its owner is absent. Are you confident to be able to do well this task?

The context of the game

One day you become one of the luckiest people who win the ticket to visit the most famous sushi restaurant in your town. Unfortunately, you accidentally broke the lucky cat. The number of customers is decreasing. The owner of the sushi restaurant offers you to manage the restaurant when he is going to buy the new lucky cat. Therefore, you will be the temporary operator.

The mission of the game

Your specific task in this game is to help the owner manage the store and serve food to customers. When customers come and order food, take note of their requests so that you can serve them in the best way. After that, you will start to cook. Each customer's portion will be different, and you will make the sushi with the ingredients they have ordered. After the rice is cooked, you will start using other ingredients such as seaweed, vegetables, fish, etc to roll the rice. Let's provide customers with the best service to receive good reviews from them.

Besides preparing the sushi for your customers, they also order water. Therefore, after already sushi, let's start preparing the drink for your customer. Make sure that you give them all the customers ordered. Have a great time with this cooking game! Anyway, Papa's Freezeria is also a great similar game to this kind of game. After succeeding in managing the sushi restaurant, you can go to this game and start a new cooking journey.

Attractive points in Papa's Sushiria

  • The gameplay is really similar to the real one. When you provide the customers with great service, they can give you a tip. This is a substantial amount of income when playing this game.
  • If you meet a loyal customer of the store, the game will notify you. For these loyal customers, you should be more careful, because you need to continue to retain them so that they will keep coming back next time, in addition, because they often come to your store, you should also do They are satisfied with what they spend.
  • Especially, if in other games, you can only choose male or female characters, Papa's Sushiria has an improvement. In this game, you can even set up your own character. You can choose your own gender, and change hairstyle, eyes, mouth, height, weight, or skin color. If you want, you can change so that the character in the game is the most similar to you or your ideal model.