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About Paddington

This is a simulation game of the popular cartoon of the same name. Accordingly, many years ago, a geographical explorer visited the forest in Darkest Peru and discovered a species of intelligent bear. In this game, players will accompany this Paddington bear to overcome challenges.

Explore puzzles in Paddington

Paddington's London adventure is strung with the game's challenges. Each challenge in Paddington has its own story. Your main task in the game is to solve puzzles in some memorable moments by finding objects, rearranging items from their original locations, etc. Within 60 seconds, if you complete the tasks, you will win, if not, you will lose and have to play again. If you are a person who likes fun puzzle games, give Garden Tales 3 a try. In this game, the crops in your garden are very diverse, and your goal is to combine 3 similar crops. identical to completing the missions of the game.

How to control

Click the mouse to control.

Some interesting things about Paddington

The game includes many levels with different missions. Each level has a written narrative that gives the player a better understanding of Paddington's backstory. Moreover, it is also thanks to this fascinating storyline that Paddington can attract the attention of the players. In addition, each time you complete a level you can only get 1 star, the maximum for each level is 3 stars. However, to be able to get the 2nd and 3rd stars of each level, the challenge of that level will increase gradually. Meanwhile, you need to collect stars, because this is also the condition for you to unlock the levels later. The game with attractive images, sounds, and storyline will certainly not make players disappointed in the experience in Paddington. If you are looking for such an interesting game, what are you waiting for, hurry up and enjoy the game!