The attractive gameplay of Northern Heights

In Northern Heights, you will control your character in the direction of the slopes and collect countless gold coins to enhance your character's abilities. For skiing enthusiasts, this game is an absolute must-try. To control your character, simply utilize the mouse. Hold down the left mouse button to accelerate and release it to perform tricks. Successfully executing tricks will earn you valuable points. Additionally, by continuously pressing the left mouse button, you can initiate daring dives. This technique allows you to avoid obstacles by gaining speed and executing tricks. Witness your character effortlessly somersault through the air, skillfully evading any obstructions that come their way. The collection of numerous coins should not be overlooked, as they hold significance throughout your skiing adventure.

Accumulate coins and upgrade your items

Once you have accumulated a sufficient number of coins, you have the opportunity to enhance your character's speed by investing 70 coins. This upgrade will empower your character with increased velocity, enabling you to tackle the slopes with even greater agility. Moreover, for 100 coins, you can acquire a generous amount of bonus coins. This strategic investment will substantially boost your coin count, granting you greater financial resources to utilize. Visit the shop and leverage your amassed coins to personalize and customize your character, adding a unique touch to your skiing experience.

Explore the expansive variety of clothing and accessories available in the shop, designed to enhance the visual appeal of your character. Discover an array of captivating items that will make your character truly stand out. Consider investing in a helmet to prioritize the safety of your character, ensuring a secure skiing experience. Additionally, browse through a selection of vibrant and colorful suits to transform the appearance of your character, adding a touch of personal flair. Lastly, select an upgraded ski board for your character, optimizing their performance on the slopes.