Are you a millionaire?

Millionaire 2018 is a puzzle game that tests your knowledge with 15 questions and if you can answer all of them, you'll get 1 million $ for the prize. This is a millionaire game for those who love quiz challenges and expanding their world knowledge. You will be tested on your knowledge of history, geography, science, math, and literature... With much other extensive knowledge. Get started and show off your intellectual abilities right away.

Master the rules of the game

This game was created based on the classic TV game show "who wants to be a millionaire". This game has 15 questions about different topics. You will have 4 answers and 30 seconds to think for each question. There are 4 answers but only one of them is true, the others are wrong. So, you have to think carefully before giving your choice. There is a notice to confirm your choice for each question after you choose the answer that you think it's true. If you face a difficult question, don't worry because you have 2 bits of the help: call for a relative and ask the audience. If you choose to ask for a relative, the MC will do so and your relative will respond. If you choose the second hint, the audience will decide on the correct response. The state will be graphed. It may be true or false. So, you shouldn't believe completely in the help. If you can answer all 15 questions, you will get 1 million $ for the prize and you will be a millionaire.