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Mi Life


Mi Life is the ultimate simulation game that allows you to build your own avatar and construct your own house. Mi Life is the ideal game for anybody who enjoys exploring new worlds and expressing their creativity, thanks to its amazing visuals, simple controls, and countless features.

As soon as you launch the app, you'll be met with a universe of possibilities. Create an avatar that expresses your own personality and style by selecting from a variety of clothes, accessories, and haircuts. Mi Life has you covered whether you want a casual or more sophisticated appearance.

After you've designed your avatar, it's time to start designing your house. With a plethora of furniture and decorations at your disposal, you may turn your virtual living area into a warm sanctuary that you'll never want to leave. Invite people to your house to see what you've done with your decorating talents.

As you go through the game, you will collect money and experience points that you can spend to unlock additional items and features. There's always something new to uncover in Mi Life, from special apparel items to uncommon décor. And with the option to communicate with other players by visiting their houses, sending messages, and joining groups, the possibilities are virtually limitless.

So why wait? Download Mi Life now and begin exploring a world of limitless possibilities. Mi Life is the ideal game for everyone who wants to express their creativity, interact with other players, or just have fun. Prepare to go on an incredible voyage that will keep you fascinated for hours!

Use the arrow keys to move around. Hold the ‘up’ arrow while pressing ‘X’ to shoot up at enemies above you.

Use the ‘Z’ key to jump. Jumping while running will allow you to travel further.

Use the ‘X’ key to shoot. Tapping ‘X’ will fire more rounds.

Use these keys to set quality. 1= low, 2= medium and 3= high. If MiLife is running slowly set it to a lower quality.