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Market Boss


Description of Market Boss

Market Boss is a casual simulation game where players can run their own supermarket, manage inventory, expand their business, and grow their profits. You become the boss of a supermarket and must oversee all aspects of its operation. Manage inventory, restock the shelves, and grow your business in this casual simulation game.

The playing instruction Market Boss

How to play

Your job is to keep the shelves stocked and manage your business as you expand your store. Serve customers, collect cash, and unlock stalls to sell more products. With each passing day, more and more customers will come to your store, so you'll need to hire additional staff to help manage the cashier and arrange goods.

Ensure your supermarket shelves are always fully stocked with goods from the stock room. Keep the merchandise flowing and grow your store with new sections and brand-new goods, such as candy, drinks, and fresh produce. Build a happy workforce by hiring staff and training them to increase productivity. You can even further automate your income with a delivery service. Reap the profits directly from the cash register and watch your humble supermarket become a retail empire.


You can control your stickman using either the WASD keys or the arrow keys on your keyboard. To move your character around the supermarket, simply press the corresponding keys. If you're playing on a computer with a mouse, you can also use the left mouse button to move around. To interact with objects in the game, simply click the left mouse button. This will allow you to pick up products, arrange them on the shelves, and help customers pay for their items. Keep in mind that holding the left mouse button down will allow you to move your character continuously in the direction of the mouse pointer.