About Mario And Banzai

Coming to Mario And Banzai, you can participate in a thrilling dance competition with the iconic character Mario. Help Mario complete challenging races. The presence of Banzai adds an interesting twist to the game, as this character assists you by providing respawns in certain situations. If you happen to fail, Banzai will bring you back to the point where you made a mistake, giving you another chance to succeed.

Help Mario complete the mission

The return of Mario has generated great enthusiasm among fans of this game genre. As you dive into this online game, you'll encounter a fresh and distinctive gameplay experience that sets it apart from traditional Mario games. Instead of maneuvering across platforms and avoiding obstacles, your objective in Mario And Banzai is to navigate from one platform to another through a series of jumps. While there are no obstacles to contend with, you must be cautious of the pits that appear between the platforms. Falling into these pits will result at the end of the game, so be sure to maintain precision and skill as you progress through the levels.