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Laser Cannon 2


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Laser Cannon 2 is an interesting game where there are furry monsters hiding and your task is to use laser cannon and find an effective way to destroy all monsters.

The funny monsters have come back in Laser Cannon 2. It is familiar with Laser Cannon, you will continue to use laser cannon to destroy furry monsters. Everything will get harder as the monsters get smarter. They found more difficult hiding places to shoot. You will have to use your brain more because you have to do multiple tasks to destroy monsters. It's not just about using weapons like laser ricochet shots, or explosive barrels to destroy monsters. In this game, there are more difficult obstacles have been set. Monsters hide in places where lasers can not shoot. You have to be more creative to create outstanding ways.

This game helps you develop your brain by solving difficult levels. Each hard level will stimulate the brain to help find effective solutions. Thereby, it helps to develop the brain. Besides, you also have moments of entertainment, releasing stress after stressful studying and working.

Features of Laser Cannon

  • Control the Laser Cannon
  • Shoot and destroy all the monsters

How to control: use your mouse and hold the mouse button to shoot.

About Interface

About the game's external interface, you will see a table with 30 levels for you to choose from. On the right side, you can see a small screen that previews the level you choose. At the bottom of the screen, it is your score.

About the interface when playing the game, each level will have a different interface. There will be a laser shooter and monsters hiding behind the obstacles. But in the bottom corner of the screen, there will be parameters like your level, time, and power.

Start a new adventure with Laser Cannon 2!