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Laser Cannon


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Welcome to Laser Cannon - an addictive game, in which you must control the laser cannon to shoot the laser that can destroy all the monsters.

It is familiar with Shell Shockers. In this game, you will use laser cannon to destroy funny monsters. However, you use not only laser guns but also ricochet shots, explosive barrels, or other helpful stuff. In general, you can use any means to find the most effective way to kill monsters.

You will go through a lot of different levels and the difficulty will increase gradually. At higher levels, you have to think more. Because monsters will hide in caves or in places where guns are hard to hit. Sometimes you have to destroy the obstacles to be able to destroy the monsters.

When you pass a level, a new one will be opened. The previous levels you played will be saved. You can also replay the levels you already played.

Features of Laser Cannon

  • Control the Laser Cannon
  • Destroy all the monsters


Because of its eye-catching graphics and simple gameplay, Laser Cannon is suitable for everyone. You not only have moments of entertainment while playing games, but you can also train your brain. By controlling the laser cannon you can sharpen your eyes. When you figure out how to defeat monsters, you can practice logical thinking.


  • Explosive barrels can blow up the cave doors where monsters are hiding.
  • A shield can protect a monster but it can also kill another. Some monsters will hide in places where the laser can't shoot, so you can use the shield to shoot them.
  • In addition, wooden slats and iron wire can be easily broken by lasers. (It's very useful when you kill monsters)

How to control: use your mouse and hold the mouse button to shoot