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Keeper Of The Grove 2


About Keeper Of The Grove 2

Keeper Of The Grove 2 is an addictive game where you have to use logical thinking to build a solid defense system to fight against greedy creatures.

Being similar to Keeper Of The Grove, in this game, you will also have to build a defense system to keep the crystal from enemies. However, this is the next level of Keeper Of The Grove. In Keeper Of The Grove 2, everything has been upgraded. There are more difficult enemies to deal with along with a new map that promises new challenges.

Feature of Keeper Of The Grove 2

  • Build a defense system
  • Defeat the enemy
  • Keep the crystal

About Defenders

  • Guardian can make long-range shots
  • Lokyn can reduce enemy run speed by 50%
  • Rock can hit the largest damage but can't hit very fast enemies
  • Purge can remove all enemy’s abilities
  • Mok can reduce the run speed of 3 enemies at the same time
  • Thor hurls a bolt of lightning that deals at least 50 damage to each nearby enemy.

About Enemies

  • Bones have no special ability
  • Shady Rogue can be invisible in 20 seconds
  • Soul Keeper can be self-heal after being hit
  • Cingutala can reduce damage on self by 12 damage
  • Twister is a very fast enemy
  • Tide Hunter can be resistant to slow defenders

How to play

You will have to pass a map with 13 levels when you pass the last one you can get the award. Each time you kill an enemy, you will receive gold. Use the money to build a defense system. The amount of gold received will depend on the enemy you kill. Crystals that you keep from enemies will be used to upgrade defense skills.

How to control: Use the mouse to choose a location and build the defenders