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K Challenge 456


The battle for survival in K Challenge 456

The game K Challenge 456 is a remake of the hit movie Squid Game that stormed the charts around the world. Can you overcome the interesting challenges in this game?

Your goal in K Challenge 456

In the game K Challenge 456, each survival round will be a different folk game. Your task is to rely on the rules of each game to finish first or win to be able to proceed to the next round. For example, in the first round, you will have to run from the starting position to the red finish line near a giant doll. You can only move while the doll turns away and sings, when the light turns red and the doll turns its face, you must stand still, otherwise, you will be disqualified. Moreover, through each round, only those who finish first or complete the requirements of the challenge have the right to continue to the next round. In this aspect, it is similar to the game Fall Guys, when this game also has the rule of gradually eliminating players through each round to find the winner.

How to control

Use the mouse to control.

The success of the K Challenge 456

Although the graphics are simple, K Challenge 456 can still bring the most realistic feeling, as close to the movie Squid Game as possible. One of the reasons why this game is so popular is because it includes Korean folk games, so it brings sympathy to people, especially Koreans. Moreover, the game also has an attractive sound system that makes the challenges in the game more vivid and interesting. Besides, the player's manipulations are also very interesting, describing the folk games of Korea. In general, following the success of this Korean movie, the game K Challenge 456 also attracts a lot of people interested and participating in the game.