About iScribble.io

iScribble.io is an addictive game in which you can release stress by controlling the square to create a line freely and compete with other players.

From the external interface of the game, you can see a table containing your score, the best score, the time you played, and the player you killed. Besides, you can choose the name and color for your character as you like. Currently, there are 16 colors for you to choose from. In the main interface of the game, you can see a small table in the left corner containing the score and the number of characters you have killed. In the lower right corner of the screen is a mini-map that helps you check the movements of other characters to easily attack. And in the top right corner is your ranking: the wider your territory, the higher your ranking on the leaderboard.

Features of iScribble.io

  • Create lines freely
  • Colorful game

How to play the game

Unlike Happy Wheels, this is a multiplayer game, your opponent can be everyone in the world ( maybe your friends, or strangers). Control your mouse and draw whatever you like to mark the territory. You can bite your opponents to make them disappear from the map, but also be careful as they can do the same to you. Create a closed shape to keep yourself from the attack of your opponent. The game will be over when you bite the closed shape of opponents or you were bitten outside the closed shape.

How to control: Use the mouse to move the square.

This game is suitable for all ages because it is easy to play, and attractive with colorful graphics. Immersion in this game will help you release stress after a long working day. You will feel satisfied every time you kill an opponent, and it will be even better if you are on the leaderboard.

Enter your name and create a great time on iScribble.io!