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Infinite Craft


Neal Agarwal created Infinite Craft, an interesting sandbox-style game. The game is quite simple: mix and construct as many items as possible. The entire planet is made up of four fundamental elements: earth, water, fire, and wind. For example, when soil and water join, they make a plant, while fire and wind combine to form smoke.

How to Play

1. Begin with the four fundamental elements: earth, water, fire, and wind.
2. Drag and Drop Elements Together Try mixing them and see what you get. For example, pulling fire and water produces steam.
3. Drag items into the right column to combine them and create new elements.

Game tips

1. Think creatively and generate limitless possibilities.
2. Pay attention to the names: The names of freshly generated items frequently provide information about their features.
3. Apply your practical knowledge to design new game features.
4. Share your creative ideas with the community.