About Imposter Battle Royale

Imposter Battle Royale is a battle royale-style shooting game with a weapon-combination system. This game was influenced by the well-known title Among Us.

Explore every inch of this perilous space base while avoiding death at the hands of pointed traps and evil foes. Also, try to keep your life bar full. Keep a close eye on the map, pursue your enemies, watch your back, and gather weapons to defend yourself from any assault. Only someone as courageous and spirited as you will have a chance to make it through this challenging adventure. In case you are bored with this game, you can try Parkour Block 3.

How to play

  • Move: WASD
  • Enter/pick up: E
  • Shoot: left mouse button

Features of the game

  • Each match can have up to 100 real players
  • A large map with traps that gets smaller over time
  • Adorable 3D imposter characters
  • Join forces as three players to ensure that you are all placed in the same match
  • Customize your character, colors, props, suits, and wings - and more will be added each season!
  • The ranking system and leaderboard allow you to demonstrate your skill level
  • Mobile, controller, and cross-platform compatibility