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Huggy Survival Parkour


About Huggy Survival Parkour

Huggy Survival Parkour is an exciting platform game that controls the popular character Huggy Wuggy. Pass the levels to reach the treasure chest.

Turn into that beloved blue monster and assist him in completing the blocky track. You have to be the best on these incredibly challenging tracks. You must be flawless, and you must never stop. Keep going even when it's funny! To access the new level, get to the chest.

How to play

The controls are as follows: WASD for movement, space for jumping, and the mouse for navigating. Reach the chest at the end of each course by jumping from one tile to the next, but avoid falling into the pits or water between them because you will then lose.


  • WASD = move.
  • Mouse = look.
  • Space = jump.