About Helicopter Escape

Embark on a daring mission to save the life of an innocent citizen in a Helicopter Escape! Are you brave enough to rescue a woman from impending danger? An innocent woman is desperately fleeing towards the rescue helicopter, her life hanging in the balance. Your role is crucial in ensuring her escape from the clutches of these malicious beings. As a skilled sniper, your objective is to eliminate the numerous aliens relentlessly pursuing the defenseless woman. The clock is ticking, and her safety relies on your accurate shots.

Stay vigilant and fend off the alien horde as the woman makes her frantic dash to the helicopter. Every moment counts, so take aim and shoot down the creatures that dare to approach her. With each level you conquer, earn valuable money that can be used to unlock an arsenal of new and more powerful weapons. Will you emerge victorious, securing the woman's freedom and defeating the alien menace? Equip yourself, take aim, and embark on this high-stakes mission now!

Your mission in Helicopter Escape

Your mission is to rescue a person from the clutches of hungry zombies. Take aim and shoot down all the zombies that relentlessly pursue their prey on the rooftop. Your primary objective is to prevent them from devouring the defenseless individual in need of salvation. Take control of the helicopter and exhibit your sharpshooting skills. As you progress through the game, complete each level to unlock weapon upgrades, enhancing your firepower to face the escalating challenges ahead. Brace yourself as the levels become increasingly difficult, with larger groups of zombies swarming around. Can you save the person and escape the clutches of the undead horde?