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Happy Halloween


About Play Happy Halloween

Have a fun Halloween season with the Happy Halloween. In this game, you need to swipe an item of the same type. When all the items destroy, you pass the level.

It is different from Cookie Clicker City. In this game, you will have an enjoyable experience while swiping items of the same type to destroy them. This game has a theme of Halloween. The items that appear in the game are also commonly used to decorate this holiday. But it's no longer creepy. The Game created cute items with perfect design and graphics. Items include amoon, casket, pumpkin, candies, witch hat, bat, and ghost. Scary sound effects make strong stimulation the brain of players.

You will have to pass a map containing many levels. The map is designed as a cemetery. Each level is a tomb. That gives you a new and exciting feeling. Destroy items and dig up all the graves to be the one to unlock all levels.

This game is suitable for everyone.

Features of Happy Halloween

  • Swipe the items of the same type
  • Cute items
  • Scary sound effects

How to play

You have to find items of the same type and swipe them together. The item of the same type will be destroyed after you connect them together. At each level, you will set a certain goal. You have to complete the goal within a certain number of movements. If you exceed the number of turns and you cannot complete the goal and will fail.

There are 4 Power-Ups that will help you pass the game easier

  • Hand: It helps you get 5 moves more
  • Broom: It can remove one character
  • Potion: It removes 9 characters
  • Skull: It can remove all characters lined horizontally

Spin the wheel to get Power-up

How to control: Use the mouse and swipe the item.