How to play Happy Glass Puzzles 2

Prepare yourself for the captivating challenges of Happy Glass Puzzles 2. Your objective in this game is to skillfully adjust the faucet to fill the cup. Are you up for the task? The gameplay of this game is delightfully straightforward. A glass is positioned at the bottom of the screen, while the water tank is located in the top corner. Utilize your mouse to unlock the faucet, allowing the water to flow down automatically. However, be wary of the obstacles placed between the water tank and the glass. Spikes and crossbars stand in the way, ready to absorb the water streaming from the faucet. Your mission is to navigate past these obstacles to successfully complete each level. The task is considered accomplished when the water cup is filled to the brim.

Small note

Take note that the water supply from the tank is limited, so exercise caution and control the faucet with precision. Failure awaits if the water tank runs dry before the glass is adequately filled. Each level presents a unique set of obstacles to overcome, and as you advance, the game will continuously introduce new and more difficult challenges. Do you possess the confidence and skills needed to conquer these ever-increasing challenges? Join the game and prove your mettle by conquering all levels of Happy Glass Puzzles 2.