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Halloween Wheelie Bike

About Halloween Wheelie Bike

How far can you go in the Halloween Wheelie Bike game? In this game, you will participate in unique bike races. The bikes are waiting for you to ride and experience new challenges. In particular, this game is designed to celebrate Halloween so that you can see images related to Halloween. Pumpkins, bats, and other scary images appear on the playing screen. Besides, the dark background also highlights the Halloween theme of the game. Start this game and enjoy the approaching Halloween atmosphere!

This game is endless, allowing you to participate in bike races with no time limit. This gameplay is similar to the Subway Surfers game. In this game, you can transform into a little boy to run away from the police. You will run on endless roads while avoiding obstacles and collecting gold coins. Infinite races have brought fun to these two games.

How to play the Halloween Wheelie Bike game

This driving game has unique gameplay. You cannot drive in the usual way.

In this game, click to start your bike and start riding. However, your bikes will be activated and moved with a rear wheel. After the front wheel leaves the ground, you must not let it touch the ground a second time. If your front wheel hits the ground, the game is over. Therefore, you need to keep clicking. However, if you click too much, your bike will flip. The game will also be over if this happens. You need a combination of click and release to make sure your bike is safe. This game is endless, so try to run as far as possible to get the highest score.