Your objective in Green

Green is a green theme game for those who love blue. Solve puzzles to turn other colors into green. Join and solve these challenging puzzles. Your objective is to fill the entire playfield with the vibrant color of green. This game revolves around a delightful green-themed puzzle challenge. Put your problem-solving skills to the test as you explore various strategies to achieve the ultimate goal of coloring the entire screen.

The mechanics of Green

One strategy involves creating white planes amidst the green screen, then directing them out of view by clicking on their designated directions. With a wide array of diverse puzzles awaiting your intellect, this game will put your wits to the test. If you find yourself facing a challenging level, worry not! Utilize the helpful clue provided on the right side of the screen to assist you in navigating past the obstacle. Prepare to engage your problem-solving skills and embark on an exciting journey filled with intriguing puzzles and creative solutions.