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Giant Rush!


About Giant Rush

Giant Rush! is a game that runs through obstacles and takes players on a colourful adventure. Control your hero in the right direction to become the strongest and win.

Giant Rush! is a fun, complicated action game with fighting game features. You must defeat a massive opponent in hand-to-hand combat at the platform's finish. To do so, you must first expand in size by gathering silhouettes of males of the appropriate color. To deal with this, you'll need a quick response and decisive action. Run through the level and collect as many people of the same hue as you can to evolve. It's ready to blow!

The gameplay of the game

Each level in Giant Rush! will place you on a long platform in the middle of the water. Following the countdown, you begin running to the platform's end, where you must collect miniature men of the same color as your character, from which he will increase in size. Otherwise, the hero will just lose weight and height, which would be fatal when he reaches the finish where the boss is.

If your size exceeds your opponent's performance, you will almost certainly win; simply click the screen more frequently to assault.


  • The gameplay is simple but addictive.
  • Low-polygonal graphics.
  • Hundreds of distinct levels.
  • There are numerous amusing caps for heroes.


  • Use mouse to move