About Ghost Walker

You will transform into a ninja in the game Ghost Walker. Use your skills to destroy the enemies around you. How many levels can you pass? Good luck!

Beat all enemies in Ghost Walker

You must run and jump through the platforms to defeat all enemies in your path and avoid being shot by them. If you lose all three of your lives, you also fail the level and must start that level.

Swipe the screen with your finger or mouse in the direction you want to jump, and if you aim for the enemies, you'll naturally attack them with your sword. Do that to wipe out every one of them as you arrive at the finish of each level.

You'll unlock new heroes and weapons as you complete missions. Obviously, when you advance to the levels, your foes will become more irritating. However, you also can improve as a ninja warrior. Have fun and best of luck! Besides this game, you can try Bitlife or Dream Life.