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Geometry Dash Bloodbath


About Geometry Dash Bloodbath

As a new version of the Geometry Dash game series, with this return, Geometry Dash Bloodbath has a red theme. This is also the exciting adventure of souls. You will help these spirits overcome the obstacles and return to their world safely through the portals.

Control souls to complete quests in Geometry Dash Bloodbath

True to the name of the theme - Bloodbath, this game depicts a dark and dangerous road with two main colors, black and red. This also implicitly reminds the player of the difficulties ahead. Although the gameplay and rules are quite similar to Flappy Bird, Geometry Dash Bloodbath is more special when every place that the character goes through is extremely dangerous with spike traps, high walls, monsters, etc. Your task is to control the souls to jump or fly to avoid all those dangerous obstacles. You should note that every time you hit any obstacle, you will have to return to the starting line. It can be seen that, with this latest version, Geometry Dash Bloodbath retains the characteristics of the game series with extremely fast speed. Therefore, if you do not choose the correct time to fly, your character is likely to be destroyed by dangerous challenges.

Features of Geometry Dash Bloodbath make the game attractive to gamers

This addictive game includes two quite interesting game modes, which are normal and practice modes. In normal mode, as mentioned above, if you hit an obstacle, you will have to start over. However, in practice mode, players will get more support, more suitable for those who are new to this speed game. In this mode, you can use green gems to mark the places you've passed, from there, you can return to where you placed the gem if you hit an obstacle. In addition, Geometry Dash Bloodbath has a progress bar so you can keep track of how far the soul's adventure has gone, and how far away it is from its destination. Another special thing, in the game there will be space portals, when passing through these portals, the soul may change into another shape such as a UFO, a ball, or a cube. Anyway, Geometry Dash Bloodbath has won the hearts of game lovers and it will be a great entertainment tool when you are stressed.

How to control

Press the mouse or spacebar to jump.