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Fruit Ninja


About Fruit Ninja

Fruit Ninja is a classic game that has dominated the game charts for many years. Your score will be calculated according to the number of fruits you cut. How many fruits will you cut?

Your goal in Fruit Ninja

Draw the sharp sword of the ninja, and you will start the game that many people love. You will experience the thrill of setting a new high score in this addictive game by focusing on dodging bombs and trying to slice giant combos. Just you can guarantee that you won't. cut the bomb and will not miss any fruit, surely the score you will get will not be low. You will feel extremely excited and satisfied when you figure out how to slash a bunch of colorful fruit flying. When you miss too many fruits or hit the bomb, the game will end. If you are bored with this game, Garden Tales 3 is also a very popular game that you will probably enjoy. You only need to match 3 identical fruits, leaves, or flowers to complete the mission of the game.

How to control

Use the mouse to control.

Some tips for you when playing game

The fruit flies into the air, to the top, and when it falls, it slows down for a moment. Take advantage of that to slash as many combos as you can. You can slash fast and slash all over the screen at the same time so you don't miss any fruit, but you also need to be careful because you might cut the bomb. Also, if you feel that the fruit is too close to the bomb, you can skip it and continue with other fruits. However, you only have three times to do so, if you miss more than 3 times or slash the bomb, the game will be over.