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Frozen Rush


Embark on Emma's Adventurous Journey!

Frozen Rush is a game that takes you to an enchanted frozen kingdom, you will play as Emma and you become the brave protagonist in this game. You may already be familiar with Elsa, the Frozen Queen. But now, it's Emma's turn to shine as she sets off on a daring quest to find her missing sister. Brace yourself for an incredible adventure as you guide Emma through perilous terrain. She's counting on your help to navigate through treacherous obstacles in this game. Emma will sprint forward at a high speed all on her own. However, she'll need your guidance to skillfully maneuver past dangerous traps along the way. By clicking the left mouse button or pressing the up arrow, you can make her jump over treacherous pits and obstacles.

Attractive gameplay Frozen Rush

Collect Valuable Items!

In this wintry wonderland, shimmering snowflakes abound. It's your mission to collect these flakes, as they can be used to purchase helpful items like tumble speed boosts, snow magnets, and even troll magic! Keep an eye out for crystals scattered throughout the journey as well.


To leap over obstacles, simply press the up arrow or click the left mouse button. Should you encounter a low-hanging obstacle, pressing the down arrow will allow Emma to gracefully slide beneath it. For extra height during jumps, try double-clicking. With its stunning graphics, Frozen Rush is especially suited for young girls who adore Emma.