Join the heartwarming adventure of Fish Love!


In Fish Love, there are two fishes who are passionately in love but must encounter a dangerous obstacle separating them. Help them find each other. The fish cannot bear to be apart, but they are trapped in different areas locked by pins. Carefully draw and remove these pins, reuniting the fish and guiding them to safety. However, be cautious, as numerous perils await your fish along the way.

Control in Fish Love is straightforward

Simply click the left mouse button to draw and remove the pins. As you progress, the game will present increasingly challenging levels, testing your problem-solving skills and determination.

Your objective in Fish Love

Your objective in Fish Love is to ensure that the two fish stay together. To achieve this, you must use your wit and drawing skills. Carefully examine the screen, where you'll find a variety of pins dividing the tube into different sections. Some sections contain traps or are empty, while others hold the fish. Strategically remove the pins, allowing the fish to navigate safely while avoiding the deadly traps. Use your expertise to pull pins and watch as the traps are released or use pegs to block them, depending on the situation at hand. Your quick thinking and careful planning are essential to helping the fish find their true love.